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When i looked up

I blinked. "What?", I asked. Who the hell is that guy?, i thought. And instantly, he answered. "Hey, I'm Arthur." My eyes narrowed. "Dude, can you read my mind?"

"Actually, I can", he answered. I blinked again. 

2.9.10 14:39


this is how we met

of course, this is how arthur found me. my intense thoughts, calling out for him, kind of. The thoughts of people come to him like a buzz. But mine were apparantely sticking out. we were walking about the same city. he heard me and followed. he was curious and that was how we met. i was sitting in a bistro, thinking about how strange all those people around me were and how i seemed to be not normal. Is there something wrong with me?, i thought, stirring my coffee. Suddenly, the chair in front of me moved, and one ridiculously big guy set down. "No you're fine", he said.
2.9.10 13:05

never without you

i cannot live without him. I rely so much on him, to fix what i blow. It's not easy for Arthur. On my bad days, he's so exhausted and irritated, naturally, as I literally stumble through my life.
1.9.10 10:13

so lucky

Luckily, i met Arthur early in my life. He is my link to the world i thought i never belonged to. he has a clue, how things work, how you can talk people into doing something for you. It might help him a little, to be able to read minds, i suppose.  I wish i was able to do that, it would make things so much easier. Fortunate for me, Arthur has an even more intense link to my own brian, so he see things an instant before i do them. While my brain takes actions and i have to act on it, he is prepared to react to it. He knows exactly, when i'm going to drop that knife i'm holding, and i'm damn sure, it would have gone right through my left foot, if not for Arthur catching it in a split second.
1.9.10 09:05

i would be dead without you, arthur

I guess i must be the clumsiest person on earth. Whereever I go, i leave behind me a trace of collateral damage. Once upon a time.. i entered a store and i only looked at a bookshelf, and books started to fall out of it! just like that. Bad Karma, most likely, i must have done something really, really bad in my previous life.
1.9.10 08:48

My Love

I was never one to babble about. Although i learned to talk early, i was a quiet kid. After that, i was a quiet teenager. Known as a weirdo, most of the people i came across thought i must be mental. Some sort of brainsick, creepy at least. Naturally, i was none of that. It's just, i never gave much about the ordinary things of live. why would i care about this and that? Other people's concerns about other's lives... All this shallow talking. Do I look good? Does he look good? Do we look good together?
31.8.10 16:00

I was a heavy heart to carry...

I did never really fit.
31.8.10 14:13

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